10 Mart 2008 Pazartesi

Discovery of DNA Teaches Us About Motivation

Besides knowing what DNA stands for - which means "Deoxyribonucleic Acid", there are few things that we might have overlooked. The discovery of DNA model has lead many scientists in encrypting codes of life which could bring us closer to humanity and self-assurance.
DNA replicates in cells when the environment permits them to do so. During DNA replication, new strand of DNA will be duplicated based on the DNA template which acts as a mould. The new DNA strand elongates in which the nucleotides are attached to each other based on sequences of the DNA template. It is like a building-blocks model, it has different color blocks and you use these color blocks to build a tower or a building.
What personal insights that we gain into the discovery of DNA?
In order to start a task, or a project, it must begin with building a foundation. Building a foundation must be based on proper sequences. Similarly in DNA replication process, it begins with a DNA template that allows nucleotides bind at it with joining one nucleotide at a time.
At the same time, a chemical bond is formed among nucleotides which also produce the backbone structure for the newly-formed strand DNA. Things would become awry when you started a project with weak foundation - it like having a sand foundation; things will crumble easily even though you are just getting started.
The newly formed DNA strand eventually matures and become one DNA template in the next DNA replication. It is like a life-cycle - what comes around goes around. Basically, building a foundation is an on-going process; it stops when it is done.
The nucleotides are subsequently joined together by grouping one nucleotide at a time. Creating a product requires sequences. Simple small steps should be taken before making a product. Each small step is crucial in such a way to define our objectives or goals that is essential to our success.
As a matter of fact, we learn to sequence things since young and it has proven that our focuses on life can be maintained as we reached different stages of life.
In the blooming of DNA technology era, DNA testing has been introduced to various fields that have increase popularity of the noble DNA structure which has celebrated 50 years of its discovery. DNA testing has raised humanity issues such as tracking down our ancestor lines. As we know that our DNA contains genes that inherited by our parents, it is possible that we can have track down our ancestors based on modern DNA testing procedures.
DNA is a unique structure that stores millions of information about inheritance. Some of this information is passed from one generation to the other. Ancestor search show us about our existence, and how we are connected to each other.
Each of us has an identity - it means that we have our own distinctive DNA fingerprint. Our DNA fingerprint is like our entity - it is private and protected according to civil rights. There is nothing to be ashamed of being different than others.
Knowing our existence helps us to understand ourselves better including pin-pointing our strengths and weaknesses. These could improve your ability to communicate with people especially in broadening social networking.
There had been several cases about exoneration of wrongfully imprisoned convicts over the past few years. It takes perseverance and patience for them to find new taste of life. DNA testing has given them fresh of life and brought justice back to them. People have gain insight into the plight of the innocent prisoners, as they have begun appreciating the values of life. It has taught us to be firm at making decisions and be brave to make a stand against criticisms.
The discovery of DNA creates precedence of current DNA testing technology that leads us to a promising future.

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