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How to Order a Legal DNA Test

Legal paternity testing offers legal proof-of-paternity/non-paternity for a variety of legal applications, including divorce and custody cases, birth certificate changes and visa applications.
If both legal and personal tests offer the same DNA evidence, what is it that makes a legal test legal?
The collector.
As an independent party to the case, the appointed DNA collector ensures that each participant is properly identified, witnessing the collection of each sample much like a notary public witnesses and collects a signature. The collector is responsible for mailing samples directly to the lab - eliminating the possibility of any tampering or contamination by participating parties.
DNA Worldwide is one of a select group of labs accredited by both the AABB and ISO 17025 standards bodies, the organizations responsible for monitoring the legal DNA testing process. The collection process and materials used are subject to strict AABB/ISO guidelines.
DNA Worldwide receives and processes the samples, notifying participants according to their requested method as soon as results become available.
As always, DNA Worldwide's Client Services representatives are available to provide assistance with this- or any other - testing process. Our goal is to make the entire procedure as smooth and painless as possible, for our clients.
The Collection Process*
DNA Worldwide provides the collector with a complete legal DNA collection kit, which includes the following forms and collection materials for each participant:
*Chain-of-custody forms *Pre-addressed air bill *Swabs/Envelopes *Instructions *Plastic bio-hazard bag
The list of all identification and documentation requirements includes government-issued photo identification (for parents/guardians - tested or not), birth certificates (for dependents), and - if applicable - proof-of-guardianship.
The collector reviews all identification and documentation, and - along with all participants - signs and dates photocopies of each. Each participant signs and dates the completed chain-of-custody form, which the collector certifies with their signature. Sample collection is completed in the collector's presence, after which test swabs are sealed in their respective envelopes, and--together with the completed documentation - are submitted to DNA Worldwide's lab for testing. Collectors are encouraged to use our Legal Test Collectors' Hotline 0845 2571217 for help with ordering and collecting a legal DNA test.

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