10 Mart 2008 Pazartesi

Is It Safe To Have Personal DNA Testing?

Getting your own DNA make up has created a fad among health-concern societies. Basically, one of the main purpose for a person who wants to have his DNA analyzed, is just to find out whether he needs to have to take any health precautions. Highly sensitive testing has been discovered to track down the probability of disease to occur. It sounds like it is some sort of a disease prediction and seems to be true - as we called it as "Genetic Horoscope".
Most of the DNA Testing centers provide personal testing services for public but it has also raised doubts about the reliability of testing. Is it safe to have our personal DNA tested as we fear that our results might slip into wrong hands?
This is an ongoing dispute which is involves several people in and out of law enforcement. In terms of practicality of the testing service, several investors have invested millions in improving the research of testing technologies and products that could solve larger problems concerning other than health issues such as forensic science, paternity testing and ancestry search.
This might probably weighing down criticisms against personal DNA testing. In addition, price of testing will be reduced due to competition that make it more affordable and cheaper service rates for public. It better that we succumb to the privacy issues as testing requires mass submission of DNA samples into the database. Certainly, problems such as mass submission of samples could slow down the process of investigation of misdemeanors.
As all human makes mistakes - we learn from the mistakes as systematic DNA database establishment is depends on public cooperation. It is vastly depends on public involvement to produce a well-organized DNA database.
A well established DNA database can upgrade our quality of our lives as it is relying on comparison and analysis of all of our DNA sequences in pursuance of unlocking the hidden truth in our genes. Every new discoveries is a lead to a new solution - so as testing. Having a personal testing is safe although it has contrary views from various fields of people. It can be much safer if it is well regulated by prioritizing better health and ethics system.
It is not like a donation - you do not donate your own DNA. Your DNA will be eliminated once the test are run. Optionally, you can also opt for secure DNA storage. It can be destroyed upon your request. Start making an internet search on testing centers. Spend some time on their terms and policies. Please clarify about it with their consultants. Most of the times education does pay in order to have a safe DNA testing.

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