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The DNA Evolution

In the schools of Thelemic influence, the evolution and realisation of the being (soul) is described as the EMANCIPATION. Modern Spiritual Physics rather speak of METAMORPHOSIS, thus extending the concept of an illuminated spiritual path not only towards “recovery” and “awakening”, but also of the attainment of new heights and a new piritual “conquest”.
The Ascension schools put the emphasis on the process of ASCENSION, underlining the importance of a coordinated and complete evolution on all the planes of existence and reality of the being. All the schools, from the most traditional to the most modern, see evolution as the realisation of an evolutional process through multidimensional experiences of this particular Universe and describe a spiritual but also a physical evolution that occurs. Nonetheless, the concept of physical evolution must be extended to a holistic system far greater than the current terrestrial sensorial experience.
The path towards CONSCIENCE (its integration, re-composition and re-evolution) can be taken through various possible “ways” that begin at different points: the evolution of the states of consciousness through Meditation, Ceremonial Magick or, for instance, the Kabala, the awakening of the spiritual and vital energies based on Alchemy and the work on the Chakras, the completeness of the Androgen through Tantrism, the recovery of the Archetypes and the re-awakening of the internal senses according to Spiritual Physics.
Ascension schools also put the emphasis on the process of reactivation of the nitrogen basis that compose human DNA (two strands today of what should be over 3 billion). In order to position this last assertion in the proper context and integrate it with the knowledge divulged on this website, it is important to firstly make a few mental connections and keep in mind a couple of elements as follows:
-The composition of matter and its “base bricks” -The connection between Alchemic Elements and Temporal Matrices (therefore Derivative Laws) -The relationship between the base bricks of matter and Thought -The relationship between the sub-conscious and the soul personalities along with their ideal functionalities on more planes of reality (multidimensional incarnation concept) -The relationship between the concept of reality, the archetypes, the 163 elements and the internal senses, therefore -The relationship between thought/complexity, awareness/perception, derivative laws, the elements and DNA as the programmed pillar and structure of our species DNA is the internal memory (mental and emotional) of every particle and cell of time and space. This memory can potentially contain the entire history from the beginning of creation until the present time. DNA, through the sequences of the genetic code, is the core conservation and transmission program for universal information.
The decoding of the human genome leaves us with a lot of interrogations. It is clear that the entire DNA structure is potentially useful and refers to a more complete existence that we no longer have access to for various reasons connected to our alien and terrestrial history. Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine and Guanine correspond to the alchemic elements or air, fire, water and earth and establish a certain “order” within us, which also supports our vital, psycho-physical and spiritual functions.
We know that each alchemic element corresponds to a precise order of matrices of derivative laws that constitute the structure of our quarks and base matter. These are sensitive to THOUGHT and are closely related to the plane of existence that we are able to perceive with our senses, both external and internal, as well as the applicable archetypes. It is all connected.
With regards to human life on this planet to the extent of what we know today, approximately 200,000 years ago the Sirians disseminated the red race, the Pleiadians (180,000 years ago) the yellow race and the Sirian-Assirians (150,000 years ago) the black race. Therefore in a sense the first human beings disseminated by the Sirians could count on a structural level of awareness (both physical and light bodies) based on 36,000 active base pairs. These pairs progressively reduced to the two we currently have and therefore suffered a redimensioning (literally, from a dimensional point of view) of the concept of reality.
Until not too long ago, the base pairs were actually 12 and the astrological system was a method to decode it, with the 12 corresponding zodiacal signs which established a convention for the interpretation of human character.
Therefore, spiritual and physical complexity go hand in hand, which helps us understand what is meant by Metamorphosis and Complete Ascension. Ideally, an initiatic path prepares the etheric level for the recovery and reactivation of DNA. It may follow a certain course, described below using the conventional terms our of friends of the School of Global Ascension, but this can be listed differently:
• Initiate, 3,000 • Bodhisattva, 6,000 • Mahavisnu, 15,000 • Third Dimension Conscience: 36,000 • Level of Oneness, 200,000 • True Friend of God, 1,000,000 • Passage to Fourth Dimension: 5,000,000 • Passage to Fifth Dimension: 25,000,000 • Passage to 25th Dimension: 100,000,000 • And so on and so forth until the Realisation of Conscience and Divinisation of Reality, 3,000,000,000
It is therefore all connected: participation and extended dimensions, archetypes, internal senses, illumination, awakening of the inner god, use of thought, etc. However we wish to call it, the process begins, extends and reaches realisation, consistently co-involving hand in hand the sphere of intimate awareness, etheric bodies and those that are exquisitely physical. All of which is reciprocal and directly reflected on the concept of reality.

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